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AI Web DEVELOPMENT is dedicated group of Web Developers and computer programmers who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of web development through innovative AI integration. We are specialized in crafting dynamic and personalized web solutions that elevate your online presence.

What We Do?

Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch web solutions tailored to your unique needs. From building custom websites and enhancing them with AI-powered features to providing ongoing support and maintenance, we are here to ensure your digital success.


Our mission is to help businesses succeed online with our web development and AI solutions. We build custom websites that look great and work perfectly. Our goal is to make your online presence strong and effective, enhancing user experiences and helping your business grow.

Our Business

AmazingBotics group is a web development initiative of a regular registered partnership firm Zara Global Business. The business of the Zara Global provides all kinds of digital services, online web services, dealing in all types of software and hardware and trading of all types of clothing and apparels and any other goods and/ or such business to which clients/ parties hereto may agree upon from time to time.

What is Our Specialty?

We use Modern AI Techniques to Integrate Language Frameworks and Technology with Modern AI Techniques

We are at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly integrating language frameworks and cutting-edge technology with modern AI techniques. Our team of experts combines their proficiency in web development and AI to create intelligent and intuitive solutions that elevate your digital presence to new heights.

Various technologies used in the projects

Web Designing
PHP Laravel
Node JS
React JS

We Have

  • 20+ Happy clients
  • Over 20 years of IT industry Experience
  • Delivering 80 + tailored , innovative software solutions to our clients
  • Highly skilled team of more than 20 + skilled developers who uses mode

Our services cater to the following types of organizations

Small and medium-sized businesses

Many small and medium-sized businesses need custom websites, e-commerce solutions, and web applications to support their operations and reach their customers.


Startups often need a custom website or web application to launch their business or product, and may require ongoing web development support as they grow

Non-profit organizations

Non-profits often need a website to promote their cause, accept donations, and provide information to their supporters.

Government agencies

Government agencies may require custom web applications to manage and distribute information, process transactions, or engage with the public

Educational institutions

Schools and universities often require custom web development solutions to manage student information, provide online courses, or communicate with students, faculty, and staff.

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